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 Shakespeare Speaks
Gymnasium, Sekundarschule, Oberschule, Realschule

Shakespeare Speaks - This very special workshop is designed for students pursuing their Abitur in English. In this workshop your students will delve into the world of Shakespeare and experience the language and characters, not just in an academic way, but the way professional actors do!


The 3 Options:


   One 90-minute workshop:

This one time workshop is a great introduction to The Bard's works. 

The main focus is on learning about the rhythm of the language, the emotions, pronunciation,                 and how to dissect 'all the fancy words'. This workshop gets your students up and moving so                 they can experience Shakespeare in action. 

As a culmination of the work done, your students will have the opportunity to present a scene                 from A Midsummer Night's Dream to their classmates.


   Two 90-minute workshops:

This 4-unit workshop can be done in one day or two. In addition to learning about the language 

and playing around with it, like in the 1-session workshop (above), students will learn about                     Shakespeare himself, 16th century London, and experience what it was like to go to The Globe

as a 16th century peasant. 

Additionally, participants will learn about the characteristics of Shakespearean dramas and                       comedies, and will be able to choose a scene from Macbeth or Midsummer to present to the class

     Three 90-minute workshops: 

This all encompassing 6-unit workshop can be done over 3 days, but is also perfect for a                         'Projekttag'. In the first section of the workshop, the participants explore Shakespeare's idioms, 

poetry, insults and little know facts about how he lived and time period in which he lived. They 

then go on to learn about and practice the language as in the previously described workshops. 

Whether it's just a one-day workshop or all six units, it cannot be over-stated how this program brings Shakespeare alive to the students and makes the person as well as his works relevant and interesting to all who participate!




       **All workshops start at 90 minutes. It is possible to book longer workshops, which is                                           recommended for Shakespeare Speaks. Prices depend on the location, the number of students, and number of teachers/actors required for the workshop.

From a pedagogical standpoint, all workshops are designed with a focus on the academic, affective and 

aesthetic sides of learning in order to assure that participants receive an all-encompassing learning                           experience. For more information, click here:

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