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English Classroom Theatre is...

TEFL-trained native English speakers who are passionate about theatre, teaching, and English. 

At English Classroom Theatre we combine our teaching skills with our love of theatre to bring you a creative way for students to explore the English language.


ECT teaching artists are:

~Creative in our teaching methods

~Caring of those around us

~Fun to be around

~Relaxed and able to improvise

~Excited to get to know new people

~Talkative when we need to be

~Sensitive to other peoples' feelings

~Conscientious of the needs of others

~and Energetic because teaching and playing around with students all day  requires it!


English Classroom Theatre offers a drama-based approach to English language acquisition and personal skill development. Drama (as opposed to theatre) is a process-oriented approach that focuses on how to do something, not the necessarily the end result. Drama-based pedagogy utilizes the three areas of education that are necessary for a person to learn and develop new skills and knowledge. Those areas are the academic side of learning (the curriculum), the aesthetic side, which is the creating, and the affective, which is the emotional side of learning. This holistic approach gives learners the space to not only think about the language, but also make something or do something with it and in doing that they form an emotional connection to the material. It is a well-established fact that without an emotional connection to the academia, learners won’t really learn, but merely memorize. Therefore, by using a drama-based approach, learners will not only learn the curriculum but develop their personal skills as well. 

In addition to drama-based workshops, ECT also offers theatre programs, wherein participants learn how to put on a play in 5 days. The goal is learning about teamwork, being creative, practicing English and developing the self-confidence to get on stage and show an audience what they’ve worked on. 

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