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Director & teacher: Stephanie Rhoades

Stephanie Rhoades

As a naturally introverted person, I had to learn how to be extroverted. Through doing theatre in my youth, I learned the skills necessary to speak in public and to perform on a stage. I eventually learned the nuance of acting and becoming different characters. From 2003-2007 I studied classical theatre and classical voice and went on to work professionally in childrens’ theatre in San Antonio, TX. 


As life does sometimes, it took me down a few different paths after that. But in my role as an English teacher at language schools in Leipzig, I realized I was missing the creative side of myself. I noticed as well that I was already using quite a bit of my theatre background in my lessons. It was then that I decided to form English Classroom Theatre with the intent to help students improve their English skills through theatre and drama workshops. 


Not long after starting English Classroom Theatre, the pandemic started. Eventually, I was fortunate enough to start getting more work in schools, but the more students I came in contact with, the more I saw my younger self in them.


Being confident and learning to communicate with others can be really difficult, which is why at ECT I tailor all my programs to focus on people first, to help each person develop the confidence they need to succeed in their own personal goals. By establishing open lines of communication, constantly listening to others, and developing trust among the group, participants learn how to work in a team, have empathy for one another and build their own confidence as they learn to not fear the judgment of others. 


When I was growing up, my theatre group was my safe space. It is my highest priority when working with young people to always create a safe space for all participants where they feel heard and respected so that they can be creative, learn and grow. 


I hope you will join me in my dream. 

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