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"Good teaching is 1/4 preparation
and 3/4 theatre". Gail Godwin

Act-it-Out : 

This fun and challenging 90-minute workshop lets your students get hands-on-experience working with a play the way actors do. Led by native English speakers in small groups your students will analyze scenes from the script, practice pronunciation and the flow of the dalogue. They will also think about and experiment with the characters voices, movements and personalities as well as try on costumes. 

After learning and practicing your students will get the chance to present scenes from the play for their classmates. 

Each play chosen and each workshop adheres to the Lehrpläne from Saxony and Sachsen-Anhalt. We have designed our curriculums by following the guidelines set forth by the state to ensure the highest quality and that the students are receiving the appropriate material.

Plays for each grade level:

5th grade: Jack and the Beanstalk

6th grade: The Tale of Fin McCool 

7th grade: The Jungle Book

8th grade: to be determined

9th grade:  Holes

10th grade: Animal Farm

11th grade: to be determined

Play-it-Out : 


This physically and mentally active 90-minute improv-based workshop allows your students to relax in English, get comfortable and learn how to have fun with the language.

Each workshop is led by native English speakers who will get the class warmed up physically, mentally and vocally before leading them in activities wherein they have to work together, solve problems and sometimes pretend to be different characters.

By using  drama-based-pedagogy activities your students will not only build their self-awareness but also their self-confidence! 


Each of our workshops adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Bildungsagentur in Saxony and Saxon-Anhalt and are furthermore specialized based on the needs and wants requested from each school who makes a booking.


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Shakespeare Speaks

This special workshop is designed for students pursuing their Abitur in English.

In this 90-minute workshop your students will delve into the world of Shakespeare and experience the language, the characters, and the costumes not just in an academic way, but the way professional actors do!

Together in small groups, we will work on rhythm, pronunciation, sounds and meaning of the language. And we will also take a deeper look at the characters personalities, intentions, humor costumes and movement. 

As a culmination of the work done, your students will have the opportunity to present a scene to their classmates at the end. 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a booking!

Special Requests:

If you don't see what you're looking for, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to work with you to provide the best possible workshop for your students!

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